Sing and Record a CD

This is your legacy. You leave it behind like your other accomplishements. Your music and your contribution to it can be preserved and added permanently to history where access to it can be as private as your loved ones and friends or available and heard by the entire world.

Streaming your song on the internet



Consider this a journey. From start to finish you will become immersed in the process of creating music. You will be involved in every step of the journey. Working with the arranger helping to make decisions about instrumentation and musicians. Being in the studio with recording musicians and being a part of it while the music is recorded. Singing in the vocal booth and the excitement that comes from seeing the RECORD light go on. You will experience what every major label recording artist experiences as you create a top professional personal musical legacy. From writing out the music for the band and booking the studio, to recording and listening to playback to mastering a finished CD or your music streaming around the world on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and more.

We are ready to take you on that journey; your musical legacy is gassed up and ready to go. The end result will be as exciting and uplifting as you work with caring, patient, talented, experienced and world class musicians, arranger, producer and recording studio personnel.